Three Cornered Copse

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Autumn Northwards
Picture thanks to Carol Jarvis

Three Cornered Copse is a triangle of partly wooded downland that separates the residential streets named for it, these being Woodland Drive and Woodland Avenue. It steadily climbs the Northern slope of the Goldstone Valley, forming a woodland corridor from Hove Park to the South Downs National Park.

The iNaturalist biodiversity monitoring project explores the variety of natural species in the copse.

The Friends of Three Cornered Copse meet together regularly to keep it beautiful for the love of it. Working with the Brighton & Hove Cityparks Rangers team, the Friends plant different species of small trees and hedging to enhance the biodiversity of the copse.

Early in 2022 City Parks removed a number of ash trees in the Copse that were infected with Ash dieback disease. See our Information page and
Updates - June 2022