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Update October 2023
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Update for 'The Hovarian' magazine
from the Friends of Three Cornered Copse
October 2023

The Rusty Copse

Those of us walking in Three Cornered Copse in September may have been surprised to find a red or orange tinge to their shoes when they returned home. The dogs too, will have picked up the red colour on their paws.

Lawn rust spores on the shoes
 Lawn rust spores on the shoes

It's not a cause for alarm however; it's a case of Lawn Rust, which has affected parts of the grass area. Lawn Rust is a fungus which affects the grass leaves, and produces many airborne spores, which cling to shoes and paws. It's caused by a wet summer or heavy dew, particularly where the grass has grown a little longer than usual. It's a temporary symptom, and should disappear as Autumn advances. However none of the Friends can remember this ever happening before. Perhaps the unusual weather and the lack of mowing has helped the conditions where the fungus has thrived.

Last month we held our AGM at The Poets Ale and Smokehouse, thanks are due to those that attended and contributed. The minutes are published on our website (

Much of our discussion centred on the Ash Dieback project and the huge effect it has had on the woodland. There are still hundreds of tree trunks lying around. We've written to the Ash Dieback team for an update on their plans. Of concern is the pile of huge trunks next to Dyke Road Avenue, which has been left for months and shows no sign of being collected.

The Friends of Three Cornered Copse was constituted in 2009, and many of the original committee members are still involved. Each work day we have a enthusiastic number of volunteers to help support our activities. But now, more than ever, the group needs some new members who can join our committee and bring new ideas and enthusiasm to the curation of Hove's largest woodland, take part in work days, and supplement the duties that our Park Rangers are no longer able to execute. In 2009 we had two councillors on our committee, and a dedicated Park Ranger who supplied tools, advice and leadership to our work. We built steps, cleared walkways, installed bat nesting boxes, replaced benches, but these resources are no longer available, we have been informed.

In October or early November we will be having our next workday. If you wish to be involved please email our membership secretary at All warmly welcome.

Simon Baxendale